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Things to Discover On the Effects of Sleeplessness
It is common to find people suffering from lack of sleep but the main question is whether you can die from it. You don’t have to worry since at times you find yourself going to night parties and been awake all time in college. You might develop different health issues due to regular insomnia and here are some things you should know about it. Although people do not die because of sleeplessness it is important to identify how it will affect your overall health.

Several adults require 7-9 hours of sleep everyday but seems everyone is different some of them can function normally after 6 hours of sleep while others sleep for1 0 hours. Anytime you feel like catching up on sleep it happens because you develop sleep debt for every hour of sleep you lose. The duration of the effects of sleep deprivation depends on the individual because some of them can go up to 20 hours without sleep and still feel energetic.

The immediate effects of lack of sleep and the same for everyone since they begin feeling groggy and might have trouble concentrating or remembering staff. If you go several days without sleep then you might start experiencing visual and auditory hallucinations, and some of them become delirious. Lack of sleep is known to take a toll on somebody’s mood, and it can only get worse which will put a constraint on the relationship you have with others.

People usually, experience occasional cold and stomach bugs, but your body will be more susceptible when you are not maintaining your regular sleeping pattern. Taking care of the immune system means we have to get enough sleep every day so it can protect us from viruses and bacteria. You might experience high fevers at night time since the body naturally desires sleep and it will respond with a fever, and you might only prolong an illness when you are not resting.

People usually crave a lot of junk food when they have not rested well at night and this will only distract your ability to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet plus fatal familial insomnia can lead to death which is a rare case. People who do not get sufficient sleep might end up getting heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes because of insomnia. Some people have chronic Insomnia which leads to accidents since you fall asleep at the workplace which can be dangerous depending on your job plus you have to take care of your skin to avoid wrinkles, dull appearance and bags or dark circles under the eyes.